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The University of Tennessee Etnier Ichthyological Collection Jeopardized southeastern fish holdings

The UTEIC is a major repository of threatened and endangered fish specimens. These fish include over 40 species of threatened Percidae including species such as Etheostoma okaloosae, Etheostoma rubrum, and Percina tanasi that since their collection have become endangered and are rare or absent in most major fish collections. In a few cases, species represented by a substantial number of lots in UTEIC were collected when they were once abundant but are likely now extinct such as Erimystax cahni. Unfortunately, as degredation of aquatic habitats in the southeastern United States continues, UTEIC lots of many species are likely to only increase in importance.

Right Float PhotoIn addition, the general public and numerous state and federal agencies, conservation groups, environmental consultants, and legal council rely on our specimens for general information and for data critical to biodiversity, habitat management, and conservation decisions.

The following list contains UTEIC species holdings that are (either federal or state or both) engangered, theatened, vulnerable, or in need of management listed species.


*Species preceded with an asterisk are currently considered to be complexes of two to several species or subspecies.  

References:                                                                                                                                                                                                             Etnier, D. A., G. W. Benz, and D. E. Collins. 1997. Jeopardized southeastern freshwater fishes: a search for causes. Aquatic fauna in peril: the southeastern perspective. Southeast Aquatic Research Institute Special Publication 1. 87-104.

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